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Mobile API Standards Enable Real Time Action Deployments
Casino & Gaming 4.15.15 by Bill

Resorts Mobile Solutions Alliance Growth Strategy Webinar Recap

This past week the Resorts Mobile Solutions Alliance hosted a webinar entitled “What is your Growth Strategy”. The underlying theme centered around the value of empowering mobile customer management solutions with greater availability of real time data via an industry standard Mobile API. RMSA founding members, the William Ryan Group, Inc, Acres 4.0, and Resorts Advantage, were joined by Peter DaRaedt, of Global Standards Association. John Acres of Acres 4.0 launched the webinar discussing the importance of behavioral data for driving the gaming player experience, and why “freeing data” is critical to support personalized experiences in the Casino and Resort industry segments. Peter DaRaedt, of GSA followed, discussing the open system standard … Learn More


Predictive Intelligence Will Change Our World, This Year

Machines will make more accurate and reliable decisions than humans, across many environments, using predictive business intelligence according to Business Insider. In many industries, we as humans, will need to adapt. In the coming years, companies will struggle to figure out how to effectively increase employee productivity. Currently, humans are trusted to make their own decisions about how to interact with customers. This is especially true in service environments where employees are responsible for determining how to improve customer service. This will not be the case for long. As machines start to predict the best way to guide a customer … Learn More

Retail 1.12.15 by Bill

Apple Pay Launches Mobile Payments in Real Time

Apple Pay mobile payments is changing the way consumers and businesses conduct business. Nobody likes waiting for anything. This cultural allergy towards lines is only getting worse. With pay as you go features, the concept of lines to pay will slowly become obsolete in all environments. According to TechCrunch, “Apple Pay accounted for 1 percent of digital transactions in November according to research firm ITG, which reveals it to be a strong competitor to PayPal, the only other player out there achieving much success.” “Achieving critical mass for a system like Apple Pay now depends on winning retailers and various consumer-facing … Learn More

Retail 1.12.15 by Bill

Instacart Dispatches Personal Shoppers To Expedite Grocery Delivery

Customer delivery service expectations are becoming harder to meet in all environments. This morning I was reading a passage in the Wall Street Journal about a promising Startup company called Instacart. “Grocery delivery startup Instacart has raised more than $200 million at a valuation near $2 billion, according to a person familiar with the matter.” Instacart is competing with formidable companies such as Amazon and Wal-Mart. They differentiate in that they don’t hold any physical products. According to the Wall Street Journal. “Instacart dispatches workers to existing grocery stores like Safeway and Whole Foods to pick up customers’ orders and shuttle them … Learn More