Predictive Intelligence Will Change Our World, This Year

Real Time Predictive Business Intelligence

Machines will make more accurate and reliable decisions than humans, across many environments, using predictive business intelligence according to Business Insider.

In many industries, we as humans, will need to adapt. In the coming years, companies will struggle to figure out how to effectively increase employee productivity.

Currently, humans are trusted to make their own decisions about how to interact with customers. This is especially true in service environments where employees are responsible for determining how to improve customer service. This will not be the case for long.

As machines start to predict the best way to guide a customer through their interactions more accurately, humans will have to do less thinking about where they will go and what they will do. Some would say this turns humans into robots, similar to how people function within an industrial supply chain environment. I would argue that this shift of focus away from logistics allows us to re-purpose human energy towards interaction and engagement. Rather than worrying about what to do next, people can stay in the moment, and focus on how to have a positive engagement with other people – in real time.

The gist of the message is that over time, machines will handle more and more human responsibilities more effectively and efficiently. We will be tasked with optimizing our behavior within the constraints of what machines can’t do. This will be a time of rapid change, and like the article says, “I know, it’s scary.” Scary for a large percentage of the population whose job descriptions can be improved by a machine.

I believe those who learn to engage others, who develop strong communication skills, will stand out. These people will provide the most value in real time action service environments.

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