Instacart Dispatches Personal Shoppers To Expedite Grocery Delivery

Retail 1.12.15 by Bill

Instacart-Personal-Shopper-Shops-For-GroceriesCustomer delivery service expectations are becoming harder to meet in all environments.

This morning I was reading a passage in the Wall Street Journal about a promising Startup company called Instacart.

“Grocery delivery startup Instacart has raised more than $200 million at a valuation near $2 billion, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

Instacart is competing with formidable companies such as Amazon and Wal-Mart. They differentiate in that they don’t hold any physical products. According to the Wall Street Journal.

“Instacart dispatches workers to existing grocery stores like Safeway and Whole Foods to pick up customers’ orders and shuttle them to their doorsteps, often within an hour or two.”

Consumers are now beginning to expect expedited customizable delivery services in their own home. We have found that this is the case in the environments where we are implementing Real Time Action solutions as well. Specifically in Casinos, we’ve seen that customers know what it is that they want, whether it be their favorite drink, a person to talk to, or tickets to the show, and they expect it to be delivered to them within a few minutes.

Based off of my recent experience in retail environments, and exposure to my clients strategies, I think Big Business is falling further and further behind.

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