Managed Beverage and Restaurant Service Technology
Managed Beverage Service

Provide fast, personalized Food and Beverage service, increase spend per check and repeat visits


Connect your POS system to the Real Time Action™ Human Centric Marketing Solution to automate and streamline the entire dining experience from receiving a Guest’s order to collecting their payment.

Reduce guest wait time by turning tables faster

Increase employee productivity and eliminate server hunting

Let guests order at their own pace, as often as they want

Increase tip opportunity for servers

Increase order accuracy by reducing server failure

Reduce staffing needs and labor costs

Managed Beverage Service Stakeholders


  • Automate Beverage Service from Order to Production to Delivery
  • Production Module integrates prioritized service objectives
  • Supervisor Module optimizes Team Member Management
  • Precise Employee Deployment controlled via User Log-in
  • Supports one server and/or runner mode implementations
  • Track and report on all Service Executions in Real Time
  • Connects with POS for improved processes/reporting
  • Dramatically impacts Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • Prioritize Service by customer, location, time
  • Differentiate ordering options by customer value
  • Accurate Employee Performance reporting
  • Drive Team Member Utilization
  • Automated Real-Time Dispatch
  • Open system standard technology and reporting approach
  • 24/7 Help Desk Tech Support
  • Browser-based RTA works with any smartphone, tablet, and smart watch platform
  • Can be hosted locally or remotely, physical or virtual environments
  • Proven Reliable Technology 99.99+ uptime over 100+ deployments over 14 years

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