VIP Host & Concierge Service
VIP Host / Concierge

Provide your team with the tools and information needed to develop and deliver unique experiences that exceed your Guests and Members highest expectations


Develop a competitive advantage by employing a new standard in Guest and Member recognition by connecting your employees personal mobile devices to our real-time, web based, application to provide best-in-class on-property experiences tailored to the individual preferences of your Guests and Members.

Identify and track all Guests and Members

Prioritize and manage Host and Concierge workloads and productivity

Upsell products, amenities, and experiences

Integrate departments to provide a cohesive on-property Guest experience

Provide your teams with pre-approved Guest solutions

Generate long-term Guest and Members loyalty

VIP Host / Concierge Stakeholders


  • Prioritize and track VIP Customers experiences to initiate personalized and targeted interactions;
  • Identify and track valuable Carded and Uncarded Players
  • Automatically link hosts to assigned players and track all customer engagements
  • Integrated solutions manage every player’s “on-property” experience across all departments with controlled personnel interactions designed to drive customer satisfaction survey scores
  • Align survey responses to actual experience to establish meaningful service standards
  • Open system standard technology and reporting approach
  • 24/7 Help Desk Tech Support
  • Browser-based RTA works with any smartphone, tablet, and smart watch platform
  • Can be hosted locally or remotely, physical or virtual environments
  • Proven Reliable Technology 99.99+ uptime over 100+ deployments over 14 years

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